Long Term Care

Village Long Term Care Pharmacy is our closed door Long Term Care Pharmacy that services patients located in long term care/nursing home facilities and assisted living facilities.  Our expertise ensures that you receive the best possible care and best possible pricing on all of  your prescription needs.

Have a loved one who resides in a long term care facility? You can choose Village Pharmacy to supply their medications, knowing that our pharmacist is specially trained and with 20 years of experience in reviewing patient medication charts in long term care facilities. Not all pharmacists or pharmacies work with nursing facilities. We do. And, it is important to us to look after the health needs of patients needing more medical care and attention.

It’s not just about delivering your loved ones’ medications. We will work with your family members’ physician and/or the facility medical director to ensure that the medications your family member is prescribed are appropriate. We also package the medications for the most accurate dosage for the convenience of nursing staff. Each pill is in individual “blister” packs for the nursing staff. This helps to ensure accuracy in the administering of medication.

Trust Village Pharmacy when you need a prescription medication. We want to help you with your health.